Petra Sees Highest Visitor Numbers since Pandemic Outbreak

Petra Highest Visitor Numbers

 AMMAN — The Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA) in November registered the highest number of monthly tourists since the outbreak of the pandemic in March, 2020, the PDTRA said on Thursday.

 A total of 41,466 guests visited Petra city in November, including 32,903 non-Arab visitors, 6,470 Jordanians and 2,093 non-Jordanian Arabs.

 In October, there were 39,272 guests, including 25,383 non-Arab visitors, 11,615 Jordanians and 2,274 non-Jordanian Arabs, marking a 30 per cent increase, according to a PDTRA statement.

 PDTRA Chief Commissioner Suleiman Farajat highlighted the role of the low-cost airline flights and cruise ships in increasing the number of visitors, noting that tourism activities have supported Petra District’s businesses.



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